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How do I mine Bitcoin?

So long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can start mining bitcoin today!

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Every 10 minutes, 25 BTC are rewarded to whomever solves a complex math algorithm. This algorithm grows harder or easier depending on how many people are trying to solve the problem. Most miners will group up and join a "Mining Pool", so that all of the individual miners become a super miner, sharing the reward equally among the group.

How do I mine Bitcoin with my PC?

Mining Bitcoin is not really worth while on a computer now-a-days, but it's still possible! I recommend using an Nvidia or AMD graphics card, alongside a client such as BFGMiner, CGMiner. If you want to take mining seriously, you will want to get your hands on hardware designed solely to mine bitcoins.

Where can I get a Bitcoin Miner?

You can easily pick up one from eBay or Amazon now-a-days. Just type in "bitcoin miner" at either of their search boxes and you'll find a plethora of options at a reasonable price.

What does GH/s mean?
This means GigaHash per second, which is the rate of how many hashes the hardware can process per second. The faster the hashrate = the better your chances are at discovering the answer to the complex math algorithm every 10 minutes. Even if you don't find it personally, if you are a part of the pool that finds it, your hashrate determines how big of a piece of the pie you receive.

What bitcoin mining pool should I join?
A lot of pools have come and gone, but the ones who remain are places like BitMinter, Eligius and P2Pool. We highly recommend P2Pool due to it's decentralized nature. With standard pools, if the pool starts becoming too big - the pool owner(s) are able to attempt successful double spends, more-or-less forking the network into a new era where that pool becomes the king of Bitcoin. Not with P2Pool! It makes sure that the pool is unable to become almighty to the point of a takeover.

A quick google search for "bitcoin mining" will net you more info!

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